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How to Celebrate Safely This Silly Season.

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You’ve finally finished school and the year is coming to an end. You’re probably going to celebrate and have a party. While it is meant to be fun, if you are not careful your celebration could turn into a nightmare. To help you avoid this we have some tips to help keep your Christmas special.

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“Tag! You’re It!”

Whenever you go out, make sure that there is one person who not only has a valid license and a car but that does not drink any alcohol or take any other mind-altering substances. This means that they can’t have “one or two”.  Even just one drink can impair a person’s judgement while driving. It might not seem cool to be the “designated Davey” but they are responsible for the safety of everyone in the group.


Rules are made to be… followed

When driving, always obey all the rules. This includes using indicators, speed limits and all other road rules. Seat belts may seem inconvenient but they are there for a reason.  Obeying these rules will keep you safer on the road and could save your life.

Keep your eyes on the road.

Avoid distractions while driving. That means don’t text and drive, don’t look around, don’t make or take phone calls etc. If you need to use your phone, make sure you have a handsfree kit. If you are a passenger in the car, don’t distract the driver.


Early to bed, safely at home.

Avoid driving too late at night or when you are feeling tired. Rather leave early to get home early. If you are travelling long-distance, make sure to make regular stops, find a place to sleep before it gets too late and don’t drive if you are feeling tired. Rather take a little bit longer to get there than rush and put your life in danger.


So there you have 4 tips to help ensure that Christmas deals you nothing but joy and happiness. Remember: Drink Responsibly, don’t drink and drive and stay safe!