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4 Tips on How to Study For Finals – Blast Through Your End of Year Exams

Do you have your finals coming up soon? Or are you looking at them in a few months and thinking “I really need to get myself together”. Well fear not, by using certain strategies and techniques, I believe that anyone can improve their memory. This is shown by the 82 year old woman who memorized all the books of the Bible in order. Follow these tips on how to study for finals.

Get An Early Start

The earlier that you get started, the better your recall will be and the more information you will be able to put into your long term memory. You need to start a serious revision program a minimum of 8 weeks before the first exam starts. If you start late, it is likely that you will try and cram everything into your brain over a week or so when you should be breaking down the information into bite-sized chunks.

Grab A Friend

Getting a friend to help you on your course revision can be a fantastic motivator in studying for your finals. When you feel down or are stuck they can help you and vice versa. It also makes it a lot more fun and you will not feel so on your own as much. One of you might struggle with a problem whilst the other one can see around it and help you out. There is power in numbers.

Make A Plan

As they say in England, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Make a plan that includes all of your exams. Dedicate more time on the subjects that you are struggling in or that you really want to make a high grade. If past papers or test papers are available, make sure  you to take full advantage of them. They will help you get used to the format of the papers and the type of questions that will be asked.

Memory Techniques

Use memory techniques that have been found recently and are rarely taught to you in school The list of benefits to these techniques are endless but I will do my best to tell you them. They are terribly time efficient, codes the way your brain was meant to code, stores permanently into long term memory, is actually fun and creative and it does not even feel like you are studying for an exam.

Hold On! Did you know that 81% of people are not using their memory to their full strength? Alot of them not even half.

Can you afford to live that far below your potential?

-Richard Shelmerdine (Article here)

Last Updated: January 10th 2018