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Exam Resources and Good Study Tips

It is true that each one of us has different study habits and test preparation, no matter of your approach it is highly advisable that you take advantage of some or all the help available to you.Let me explain:

Study Tips

1. Fully accept the reasons why you need to study.

Realize and set clear a goal. How important is you preferred university? Are you sitting an exam to get hired? Be truthful to yourself, pinpoint two or three reasons that can motivate you to study well and put you on track with an effective study plan.

2. Understand test format.

Now that you have clear goals it is time to focus your exam format. Familiarizing yourself with the test format in question is the first step to exam preparation.

3. Sample and past tests.

If you are serious about performing well on your exam, you will be doing past papers. All standardized test have large resources of past and sample papers. Search online for the sample test resources that you can use. You may choose to also buy practice test to use for your review material.

4. Study using your tested techniques.

Preparing for a major exam, it is best that you study in a way that is comfortable to you and within your present schedule. This means that you do not have to study at all times; you simply need to distribute your study hours evenly and when you are most attentive.

5. Understand your exam scoring.

It is essential that you understand how a specific test is graded. It is important to note that different test types will award the correct answers differently. For instance when taking the ACT exam, there is no negative scoring. So it is fine to guess an answer you are absolutely unsure. In the SAT, however, an incorrect answer may mean a quarter point’s loss to your overall score requiring a different strategy.

6. Get help if you need to.

Think a study partner or enroll in a review class. Read up online guidance for your exam, just reach out, after all the active or passive help will benefit you directly.

-Serge Kasper (Article here)

Past Exam Resources

If you are trying to prepare for the upcoming Matric Finals and looking to find some old papers to work through, then you came to the right place. Below you will find old final papers from 2017 for every language and subject in South Africa.

See List of All 2017 past Exam Papers


Last updated: October 8, 2018