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Is Further Education Important?

When people ask is further education important, often they have been put off by the high cost of going to college and getting a degree. It’s no secret that the cost of getting further education has increased a lot in recent years, so it is no surprise that many students question whether they can afford it. In response, I always ask them can they afford NOT to go to college.

The reason is that college graduates on average earn double the amount of money in their lives than those with just a high school education. The return on investment dwarfs any other investment you could make on wall street. There are a huge number of financial aids available for anyone who wants to go to college.

So once the price is no longer a factor, is going to college really worth it? Further education is important because of the number of opportunities that become available with a college education. It is a fact that more and more people worldwide are getting a higher education, so to stand out in the marketplace you need to have a further education beyond high school. Many colleges are opting for more affordable pricing structures such as TWP Academy, which allows you to pay as you study meaning you save if you finish early. TWP Academy is fully accredited and offers a range of business courses.  These include Financial Accounting, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Office Administration and Public Sector Accounting. They also offer other courses which you can choose from.

It’s true that there are many successful people who do not have a higher education, although this is becoming more and more rare. It is a lot more difficult to get a high powered and highly paid job without a college education than it ever was before simply because there are a lot more people with a college education these days.

So “Is further education important?” It could be the most important thing you will ever do.

Going to college is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and it is vital to know as much as you can before making a decision. To learn more about why going to college can give you an advantage, please read the importance of college education

-Edward Henderson (Article here)

Last Updated: April 01, 1029