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Why Should We Continue Education?

Education is one the important thing that people should have in their life. But unfortunately not all the people can finish their education while there are attend the schools or college. But in this time most of the people with a good education are very lucky in their life because they can have a better life than others. Here is some reason why we should continue for education.

1. There are lots of people who have not been able to finish their degree or graduation. This is the first reason why some of people want to continue their education. They are a lot of problem that not allowed them to finish their education. Maybe while there are in the schools or college they can not continue their education because they have not enough money to finish their education, etc.

2. It enriches your standard of living. By a good education we can have a big chance to get a good job with a good salary. Or we can work in a comfort environment job and avoid a stress.

3. It ensures people to compete with others in a better way in this competitive society. Most people with a good education have a better attitude while there are competed each other. Their will use their knowledge and skill to reach their dream and still focus to their target.

4. Continuing education helps you get a better qualification. It’s make you become a professional in your job. Why? Because you has learn and enriches your skill by continue your education. The more specific the subject you learn, you become most qualified in that subject than others.

-Rahmat Dermawan Gulo (Article here)